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Sep 23, 2019

Dr Jeremy Goldberg – Holding Space For Heartbreak

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Breakups, Grief, Healing, Love, Rock Bottoms, Uncertainty


My good friend Dr Jeremy Goldberg @longdistancelovebombs has joined me this week to dive deep into heartbreak. We both open up about our past experiences of breakups and heartbreak, we go all the way back to our childhoods and early experiences. We explore how our conceptions of love and heartbreak have radically transformed as we have both done our work as adults over the years. This was such a healing and loving episode for me, where we both explored our pain and held space for each other. I really hope this episode helps you in having compassion for your own heartbreaks too.



  • Why we need to have tea with our rock bottom
  • There is a fundamental aliveness to feeling anything deeply
  • Grief is a powerful opportunity to get curious
  • We get to choose who we want to be in the face of pain
  • Sometimes choosing love means choosing yourself
  • When you face heartbreak, who are you?
  • Don’t shame the part of you that woke you up
  • Your greatest lesson is your greatest opportunity
  • Don’t overlook the value of play
  • Where we find ourselves again