Sep 19, 2019

Relationship Endings Aren’t Failures – Special Episode

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Breakups, Connection, Relationship, Self-Worth, Transformation, Validation


Maya Angelou famously said that ‘love liberates, it doesn’t bind’. My relationship coming to a close is not a failing, a giving up, or a problem to be solved. In this episode I want to refocus on what is important – the victory isn’t the relationship lasting – the victory is in the process of who you become along the way. And through this process I have been fully liberated, to being all of myself, to loving, and to living all out with no holds barred. This is exactly the delicious, messy, complex journey that I love, that is life. After spending some time connecting to the universe and self, I am surrendering to letting life move through me, I am turning towards it all. I hope that this episode will invite you to do the same.



  • The beauty of relationships ending
  • What gifts you find in the challenges
  • Relationships are mirrors for our own up-leveling
  • We show up differently when we feel worthy of being chosen
  • The difference between compassion and tolerance
  • Where addiction comes from and what it means
  • The beauty of contrast