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Oct 7, 2019

Erin Skye Kelly – The Cost Of Toxic Relationships

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Boundaries, Communication, Family Systems, Personal Growth, Toxicity


I am proud to call Erin Skye Kelly a true friend, mentor, and all around boss. Not only has she totally transformed my world, but she has done the same for countless others, and most importantly herself too. In this episode we dive right into the power of our own choices, we go deep into my current heartbreak, and we unpack the process by which Erin ended the toxic relationship with her family of origin. This is such an important topic for so many people who struggle with difficult or abusive parents. There is so much to learn about the power of boundaries and choices to shape our future.


  • Why we can take in wisdom but don’t change
  • Class 1, 2, 3 experiences and how they will change your life
  • The roadmap to a Class 1 life
  • When do you know you are forcing something vs. doing the work
  • Expectations vs. standards
  • What are we trying to avoid?
  • Resentment shows you where you aren’t prioritizing yourself
  • How to have boundaries with toxic family relationships
  • Breaking the branch off the family tree to regrow a new one