11th July 2024
#389: Evolve or Repeat: How to Grow Without Abandoning Ourselves

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In this episode, we explore the journey of self-awakening and fulfillment guided by a deep longing for change and growth. I discuss the power of self-love, true generosity, seizing transformative moments, and listening to our inner voice for guidance. I dive into the importance of making incremental shifts towards authenticity and self-fulfillment, the power of being present, and embracing personal growth while letting go of the past. Tune in for a powerful kick-in-the-butt conversation that invites both deep self-discovery and self-compassion.


0:00:00 Intro

0:01:15 The Soul’s Call to Generosity

0:06:16 The Devastating Impact of Saying Yes

0:09:09 Embracing Alignment and Authenticity

0:10:39 Starting with the Truth Within

0:13:06 Recognizing the Power of Choice

0:15:35 Embracing Endings for Growth

0:17:24 Embracing New Beginnings

0:17:54 The Courage to Let Go


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