8th July 2024
#388: Leaning into Your Feminine in a Masculine World with Danica Patrick

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In this episode, I welcome Danica Patrick, renowned racecar driver, entrepreneur, and author. We explore the profound impact of purpose, discipline, and challenging experiences on personal development and speak about career evolution and authenticity amidst societal expectations. Danica and I reflect on balancing masculine and feminine energies and fostering dialogue for positive change. Our conversation dives into the complexities of self-expression and human consciousness, drawing on insights from plant medicine and personal transformative journeys to Sedona and Egypt. We also discuss spirituality, skepticism, parenthood’s impact on purpose, and prioritizing genuine relationships over social media. Additionally we examine the relationship between success, sacrifice, and personal growth and highlight the importance of self-care, intuition, and intention-based decision-making. Join me on this deep dive of a conversation that will inspire you on your journey toward authenticity and fulfillment.


Danica Patrick, a trailblazing racecar driver, broke barriers and set records in professional motorsports, including being the first woman to lead laps and score a top-five finish in the Indianapolis 500 and win a major open-wheel race in North America. Transitioning to NASCAR, she made headlines as the first woman to win a NASCAR Cup Series pole and achieve the highest finish for a woman in the Daytona 500. Retiring in 2018, Danica has since focused on her entrepreneurial ventures, founding Somnium, a vineyard in Napa Valley, and launching VOYANT by Danica. She authored the book Pretty Intense, which led to a popular podcast of the same name. Danica continues to inspire through speaking engagements and plans to expand her initiatives in the coming years.


0:00:00 Intro

0:02:08 Balancing Success and Mental Health

0:05:29 Navigating Polarity in Current Reality

0:09:25 Insights from Psychedelic Experiences

0:11:42 Profound Lessons from Ketamine Therapy

0:12:47 Unveiling Authenticity and Purpose

0:16:43 Embracing Spirituality and Curiosity

0:19:22 Transformative Journeys to Egypt

0:25:10 Questioning Human Ego and Superiority

0:28:19 The Seasons of Connection and Transition

0:34:13 The Intersection of Resilience and Integrity

0:37:36 Navigating Change and Embracing Uncertainty

0:40:29 The Dark Motivation Driving Excellence

0:47:00 Embracing Resilience and Self-Awareness

0:50:23 Rituals of Self-Care and Purpose Alignment

0:53:06 Cultivating Gratitude and Clarity of Desires

0:53:44 Simplicity in Self-Care and Mental Well-Being

0:57:53 Athletes’ Health Concerns

1:05:36 Community Belonging and Influence

1:13:11 Embracing Diverse Perspectives

1:22:22 Missing Dialogue and Alchemy

1:25:57 Eliminating Partisan Politics


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