Apr 20, 2023

Hot/Cold Dating: Decoding Emotional Distancing – Solo Episode

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Attachment Theory, Breakups, Dating, Emotions, Relationships


In relationships, we all crave connection and intimacy. But what happens when someone we’re dating suddenly becomes emotionally distant? Let’s talk about emotional distancing and how we can increase our ability to love and be loved.

Whether you’re struggling with your own emotional availability or trying to connect with someone who is emotionally distant, this episode will leave you with a new perspective on the hot/cold dynamic.


  • The connection between distancing tactics and attachment theory
  • How to stop the hot/cold dynamic from repeating in your relationships 

00:00 Intro 

01:51 Distancing tactics and attachment theory

05:38 Why do people distance themselves?

09:07 How to date emotionally avoidant people

16:33 How to increase your availability to love