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Mar 15, 2021

How To Take The First Step Towards Serious Transformation – Stefano Sifandos

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Connection, Male emotions, Masculinity, Relationship, Self-Worth, Shame


Stefanos Sifandos is a trained educator and relationship expert with a background in behavioral science. He is passionate about leading people closer to their highest potential and to each other.

Join us this week for a deep dive into how to take the first steps towards seriously changing your life and the way you relate. Stefanos will walk you through the masculine perspective, shame spirals, and how to create space to heal and take the leap from the old you, to the new you.


  • The complexities of the human experience
  • Why we need more quality strong men calling others forward
  • Why owning your sh*t is healing
  • Why men shame other men for showing their emotions
  • What male emotion truly means (strength)
  • Why we hang on to our identity
  • Why we need to think of our parents as children of parents
  • Why rock bottoms are often the best way we learn
  • Why we need to get comfortable with uncertainty
  • Why men need adventure back to the mystery
  • How to hold space for others and yourself
  • What would love do now?