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Mar 8, 2021

Vanessa Bennett and Dené Logan – Cheaper Than Therapy

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Cancel Culture, Community, Compassion, Connection, Lockdowns, Self-Awareness


So excited to have Vanessa and Dené from the podcast Cheaper Than Therapy on this week! Dené is an Associate Psychotherapist in Los Angeles, a Registered Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Coach. She specializes in offering tools for moving through anxiety, understanding our addictive patterns and communicating more effectively in our relationships. Vanessa is a Psychotherapist, Mindfulness + Codependency Coach. She brings her passion for Depth, Buddhist, and Yoga Psychology into her own life as well as in her work with her clients. She loves connecting with people while helping them connect to themselves, which usually includes helping them discover who that Self really is.

Join us for a truth-filled conversation around dropping the therapy stigma, the finite nature of grief and death, and dealing with the anxieties and systems that have developed from the present state of the world.


  • Effects of lockdowns, isolation and removing community
  • How resisting change only creates more resistance
  • What is our part in the collective change?
  • Pregnancy, motherhood and the need for community
  • Being able to hold space and be curious during conflicting truths
  • Why does our expansion aggravate others?
  • Why it’s important to stay curious
  • Searching for the home vs. becoming the home
  • The power of being witnessed
  • The power of connection to soul, spirt and nature


  • Find Vanessa and Dené and their podcast here.