Feb 3, 2020

Sylvester McNutt – Free Yourself

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Connection, Family Systems, Finding Purpose, Parenting, Religion, Trauma


Sylvester McNutt III is an 8x best selling author and his passion for living a life of freedom and truth is contagious. Join us as we roll through the experiences that shaped his work as a writer, from his childhood to teen life, to today where he is now expecting a child of his own. Sylvester tells all about where his fire for self-expression comes from and how he lives that today. After listening to this podcast you’ll understand why his work has been so popular, he drops some gems on authenticity and shows us how to truly walk the talk.


  • Why do we do the things we know we don’t want to do?
  • Understanding the family tree of trauma
  • Don’t wait for people to be ready
  • We are all students and no one has it all figured out
  • Parenting, childhood, pain, fear and the mirror it gives us