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Sep 21, 2020

Jules Webber – How To Stop Over-Functioning

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codependency, Connection to Self, over-functioning, Relationship, Self-Worth


My dear friend Jules Webber is back this week for a deep dive into the concepts of codependence, over-functioning and under-functioning. Jules walks us through what it means to be an over-functioner, and gives concrete examples from her own journey through life to help us understand this complex topic. Jules arms us with the tools to heal and move forward more balanced. Jules teaches us to embrace rather than ignore our triggers, and learn how we can better parent those reactions and condition ourselves to respond in a healthier way.

Jules Webber is an Intimacy and Life Coach who helps women go within, nurture an intimate and loving relationship with themselves, and experience true Wholeness and belonging.


  • Signs you’re over-functioning
  • Why we make excuses to justify someone not texting us back
  • What would happen if we left someone love us?
  • Where does over-functioning come from?
  • Over-functioning is a tool for manipulation
  • What over-functioning looks like in marriage and dating
  • The history and economic purpose of marriage
  • The impact social media has on our mental health
  • What happens when you choose yourself at the cost of belonging
  • Rage is a call to justice.
  • Anger is there to give you the energy you need to honor your boundaries