4th July 2024
#387: Redefining Self-Worth: Separating Your Identity from Your Work

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In this episode, I share some highlights from my recent talk at Monetize Your Mind, a world class entrepreneurship conference. I offer my insights on overcoming perfectionism and the fear of starting. I also speak about the significance of taking imperfect action and the parallels between business ownership and personal growth within relationships. Additionally, I discuss navigating heartbreak, the influence of social media on self-worth, and the importance of building a supportive community. Listen in to this powerful episode that invites you to embrace growth and authenticity in the face of personal and professional challenges.


0:00:00 Intro

0:04:08 Social Media Reflections

0:05:58 Using Breakups as Fuel

0:08:23 Monetizing Codependency

0:11:22 Impact of Social Media

0:11:31 Instagram Dilemma

0:12:36 Access to Choice

0:14:58 Embracing Desire for More


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