Aug 18, 2019

Megan Jane Soutar – Do You Feel Your Feelings?

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Childhood, Emotions, Mental Health, Numbing, Relationship, Transformation


Many of us assume that we automatically feel our feelings, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. There are so many ways society encourages us to deny, avoid and repress emotions. Megan Jane Soutar is a self healing guide who I have had the honor of knowing as a friend and client for many years. As Megan describes in our interview, her transformation has taken her from someone who numbed emotion, to someone who intellectualized emotion, then finally to someone who could FEEL their emotions, fully. And in this transformation Megan has come to working with others in truly feeling their feelings too.


1 min – Marks introduction, dealing with hard emotions.
6 mins – Introduction to Megan Souter and her role as a self healing guide.
15 mins – Numbing emotions instead of feeling them.
17 mins – Megan’s experience of depression in childhood and living with mental illness within the family.
21 mins – Living within a disruptive household.
27 mins – Intellectualizing emotions to avoid feeling them.
31 mins – The safety to have your own experience and emotions.
39 mins – Megan’s experience of bullying throughout school.
46 mins – Living at your highest level of integrity.
50 mins – Dealing with major life changes and coming off of medications.
59 mins – How Megan is using her story in her life and work today.
1hr 7 mins – Shaming our feelings.
1hr 18 mins – Stepping out of the story we have been assigned.