Dec 20, 2021

Shedding Societal Pressure with Amanda Goetz

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Divorce, Emotional Wellness, Health, Identity, Mental Health, Motherhood, Sexuality, Societal Conditioning


Meet Amanda Goetz, my good friend and founder of House of Wise. I’m always inspired by what is born from the space of pain, which is why I wanted to have Amanda on to share her story.

Raised in a conservative Midwest home, Amanda is a former group-fitness instructor, marathoner, and overall health nut. Over the past few years, she has navigated a divorce while being a mom of three children and working as a VP at a major wedding industry brand. Amanda turned to CBD out of desperation, and it changed her life. What she has created from her challenges is incredible and I hope her conversation inspires you as it did me.


  • Amanda’s story of divorce during the pandemic and how her personal exploration into cannabis products led to a new business
  • How Amanda is working to change the stigma and shame associated with cannabis products
  • Amanda’s ritual for switching from ‘Mom mode’ to ‘date mode’ and the importance of allowing your different identities to co-exist
  • How our cannabinoid system works and the way House of Wise’s CBD products are created to ensure your body and mind get the most out of every drop (or bite)
  • The importance of intentional self-care and its profound correlation with self-worth