Aug 22, 2022

Embracing Truth — Solo Episode

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Alignment, Authenticity, Integrity, Overcoming Fear, Speaking Your Truth


So often, we allow the human in us – the part that has fears and limiting beliefs – talk us out of what feels right on a soul level. We talk ourselves out of taking courageous action, starting something new, laying a boundary, having a conversation, moving in a new direction… because stepping into the unknown is scary AF. It’s much easier (and more comfortable) to stay in the spaces, cycles and patterns that are already working and familiar. But the reality is this: when we know we can become more and we don’t answer the call, the pain of misalignment will eventually catch up.

Which brings me to where I am today: realizing I have not been fully liberated and in integrity on @createthelove for some time. I’ve been holding back my full expression on social media, afraid of how I might be received — but I realize that in doing so, I don’t get to be all of me and you don’t get to know all of me. I came here to speak what is true for me, and be committed to building bridges. But one cannot build bridges when ones does not have a bridge between the parts of themselves they are afraid of expressing. So here I am: expressing.

Join me for this special solo episode as I dive deeper into what has sparked this evolution and what to expect from me going forward as I step into a more aligned, more expressed, and more liberated version of myself. Thank you for being on this journey with me!


  • Why committing to telling the truth changes everything
  • An intimate letter to you, my community, on how my platform is evolving
  • My thoughts on cancel culture, nuance and discussion
  • How to step into a space of curiosity when you disagree with someone’s beliefs

00:00 Intro

01:31 Fearing the unknown

03:37 Don’t listen to the human in you

06:20 Let the truth that lives within you also live outside of you

09:12 Committing to telling the truth

12:16 Creating the love

17:34 Don’t get stuck in someone else’s expectations

19:59 Be curious about anything you’re not allowed to criticize

21:37 Cancel culture

27:20 Tolerating different beliefs

30:09 Stop wasting your time focusing on other people