24th June 2024
#384: You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

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In this episode, I dive into something that so often stops us from being in true alignment—embracing change and transformation in your life—and how it can impact relationships when you stay stuck and don’t show up as your true self. We typically receive resistance and pushback from those around us when we start to change and evolve—but to experience true liberation, we need to honour the alignment our souls crave, express our boundaries bravely, and overcome the codependent behaviors we were taught about staying quiet to please others. We’ll jam about the factors that impact your well-being and relationships the most, and the steps you can take to greater alignment, liberation, and ultimately expansion.

Let’s all aspire to community and connection to help us crush our life-alignment goals, live our core values, and be in our deepest integrity. Together, we can help each other step into our fullest potential, break free from limiting beliefs, and liberate ourselves through nurturing and supportive relationships.


0:00:00 Intro

01:35 The Impact of Change in Systems

03:06 Facing Resistance to Personal Growth

04:49 Breaking Free from Old Relational Dynamics

06:16 Liberation in Personal Expansion

08:42 Embracing Change and Pursuing Your Passion

10:36 Dealing with Pain and Addictions

12:49 Challenging Society’s Conditioning

15:25 The Importance of Connection and Community

17:20 Responsibility to Personal Integrity

18:19 Navigating Relationship Challenges

19:26 Creating an Aligned Life


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