Mar 13, 2023

How to Cultivate a Strong Romantic Relationship with Nick Solaczek

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Communication, Conflict, Couples Therapy, Healing, Relationship Struggles, Relationships, Romantic Relationships


Back for the second time is my good friend, Nick Solaczek. Nick is a relationship coach and teacher specializing in romantic relationships with an emphasis on safe conversations, conscious relationship principles, mindfulness, authenticity and boundary setting. Nick works closely with IMAGO theory in his practice, believing that the image we project has a significant influence on who we are attracted to and how we show up in our relationship. 

In this episode, we jam on how to create stronger romantic relationships, how our childhood experiences are responsible for many of our triggers in our adult relationships, the influence of fear and how it guides our actions, and more juicy relational truths. Tune in to hear Nick share mic-drops on how to communicate more clearly to ask for what we want and how to use struggle to strengthen our partnerships instead of drive us apart. 

Nick also teaches us about his relational theory, The Developmental Mountain, which he shares in depth in his new course: Romantic Relationship Reset. Get the link and a discount below!


  • Core relational dynamics of romantic relationships and which ones you and your partner relate to
  • How and why opposites attract when it comes to romantic relationships
  • The power of fear and its presence in our interactions with our partners
  • The benefits of both individual and couples therapy when it comes to long term relationships 
  • The power of IMAGO dialogue as a powerful method of communication for couples

00:00 Intro 

02:12 How we have historically approached couples work

06:34 Romance is propagandized by culture

10:14 We all have conflicts in the kitchen

18:24 Relational dynamics of the Seeker, Maximizer, Minimizer

25:40 How childhood experiences show up in adult relationships

26:48 We show and respond to emotion differently

29:56 The power of fear

34:54 The struggle is normal

41:47 Ways to ask for what you want

48:01 Why we deal with things the way we do

50:35 The Developmental Mountain

57:32 The Relationship Reset



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